Cyril Monnier and Ivy Moni
Cyril Monnier
A man of outstanding determination
Cyril Monnier was born in Ambérieu-en-Bugey. Oldest sibling of a family of six, Cyril lived a happy life during his youth in the Ain department, until his family was struck by tragedy. His mother was killed in a car accident. Cyril is then 18 years old and his two youngest sisters are 1 and 6 years old. All the children are drowned in sorrow and the young man has to face up to reality early on in his life.

Cyril focuses on sport – a way for him to dream and forget it all. This mental and physical discipline will end up transforming all the negative aspects of his life into positive. The young man is outstanding at his craft. He wins a medal at the kick boxing world championship in 2003 and that of honorary world champion in 2008.

The birth of a passionate artist
Cyril’s life takes a new turn in 2010. Further to serious love heartbreak, he has to go a psychiatric hospital. This is a devastating fall. Total burnout. Cyril, the tormented soul, reassesses his life and heals his wounds. One day he experiences what he would call an epiphany, a revelation, a "a ha!" moment. Cyril decides to write a book and to dedicate his life to writing and making movies. “My life will be in a state of flow!”

Like the Phoenix, he is born to a new life by arising from his ashes, and he is now fully committed to the arts.

The writer and film director
As he is still in hospital, Cyril starts writing his first novel, « Une vie pas si banale ou l'effet domino » (A not-so-ordinary life or the domino effect), a science-fiction story full of future predictions and biography. The book is written in 3 months and published in 2011 by the “Le Fil des Mots” editions.

In 2012 he writes the script of and directs a 31-minute short film, without any financial support. “Interdit – 16 » (Restricted to 16+) is a modern poetic satire with a stunning urban rap original soundtrack. The movie was selected at the Short Film Corner of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

While shooting the film, Cyril met the love of his life, Ivy Moni. This is love at first sight and the two artists decide to join artistic forces. They now write with four hands.

Cyril’s second novel is under way. He will then turn to his second passion, making movies, by writing the script of and directing a full-length film.

Cyril Monnier draws his inspiration from positive energy. His will is rooted in deep passion. These characteristics make him an atypical and truly inspired author and film director. With his outstanding determination, and propelled by his heart and soul, Cyril wants to create art that will “simply make people dream!”.
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