Cyril Monnier and Ivy Moni
Ivy Moni
Emotional beginnings
Ivy Moni was born in Noumea, New Caledonia. Her childhood was full of sunshine, iodine and coconut trees. Her fascination for the Pacific Ocean has shaped her soft, calm and dreamy nature. Ivy spends hours watching the horizon on this Ocean she loves so much. Playing on the rocks at the beach. Building huts. Or finding shells on the fine Caledonian sand. Beautiful as a pearl from the Pacific Ocean, the artist is drawn into the modelling universe by a mother who organises beauty contests. At the age of 9 she is already on the catwalks. This early first step into art has shaped her strong interest for aestheticism. This influence will be felt at a later stage in her numerous paintings.

This carefreeness turns into nightmare when she just turns 14. Civil war has just arrived to New Caledonia. The Bohemian and carefree life of the teenager is now plunged into the darkness of road blockades and riots. Out of fear and to protect their only child, Ivy’s parents decide to send her to France, twenty-two thousands kilometres away. The novelist lands in Vaucresson in the Paris area to live with friends. She starts however to feel isolated, away from the people she loves and caught into a greyish climate. She cannot fit in and has trouble making new friends.There is no Internet in those days, so the only news from her island come once a day during the evening TV news bulletin. The daily images are rough for the young girl. And one day came the shock! She sees her father on TV who talks about the violence in Noumea. She is horrified, but for the future movie director it’s enough of a sign that she has to go back home at whatever cost. Ten months after her departure, she is back to her loved ones.

A studious student who can make things happen thanks to her conscientiousness and quality work...
After the end of the political events, the island is full of splendour again and Ivy is back to a more normal life. This unfortunate turn of event has however planted in her the seed of independence and a strong desire for discovering new horizons. A few years later, after graduating from high school, she finds a way to pursue her tertiary education in Australia. Her mother lets herself being persuaded, for Ivy also continues her modelling career. This makes her more financially independent. After graduating from the University of New South Wales, Ivy continues to study in France. She tirelessly works on a DEA at the “Institut d’études politiques de Paris” (Sciences Po) and a Master at the “Ecole supérieure de commerce” in that same city (ESCP Europe Business School in Paris). Still very much in love with Sydney, the movie director decides to settle there after completing her tertiary education. The young woman starts a brilliant career in international marketing, most notably as a marketing director for one of the controlled entities of the Pechiney group

The birth of an artistic and talented butterfly with a big heart...
While still involved to an extent in modelling, she launches a painting career. Her first canvases are quickly bought in one gallery of the trendy suburb of Paddington. Happy and blooming in her favourite country, Ivy becomes Australian. After work, the painter remains like a buzzing bee volunteering at the Saint Vincent hospital. During five years, Ivy goes there two or three evenings per week to visit the sick and provide support to people at the end of their lives. Throughout this period she becomes a conveyer of souls. Her primary motivation is to give back a little bit of all the happiness she has received during her life.

After a very significant event while supporting a person during the last moments of her life, the scriptwriter decides however to make some quite radical changes in her life: quitting her job, selling her apartment and car and leaving Australia. The writer takes a break and reassesses her destiny on a trip around the world. During that journey she visits several orphanages. This is when she decides to give up her corporate career and become a full time painter. She lives in New York and then Los Angeles.

In 2001 Ivy meets with Nancy Butner in Los Angeles, who is then the president of the “International Toy Bank.” This organisation is a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation that redistributes aid to children in need in orphanages of the third world. Aid includes toys, school supplies and food...

This encounter leaves its mark and Ivy decides to invest her time and energy with Nancy, who teaches her a new type of volunteering. One year later, Ivy is back to Paris. She founds her own not-for-profit organisation, “Les Petits Sourires” (Little Smiles) whose aim is simple: “to go to orphanages of the third world and bring a smile, a hug and a toy to the children she visits.” The artist uses her own funds for her travels, whenever some money comes in. She remains a painter who collaborates with the ex-husband of Brigitte Bardot, Jacques Charrier, and they jointly make paintings. They show their paintings in the most outstanding galleries of Paris, such as Pierre Cardin’s. Their artistic partnership will have lasted a little more than 6 years.

A love encounter and a new artistic beginning...
At a time when Ivy is increasingly attracted by book writing and decides to substitute the pen for the paintbrush, she meets the novelist and film director Cyril Monnier on the stage of his movie “Interdit – de 16” (Restricted to 16+)

They immediately fall in love with each other. They also have an artistic connection. They discover that they complement each other well. With four hands, Ivy and Cyril write the end of Page 12 of 16[Full Translation from French to English – Website:] !

the movie script of “Interdit – de 16”, which is selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. The artistic vision of the painter influences a great deal the post-production of Cyril Monnier’s movie. Ivy is now devoted to her two passions: the cinema and Cyril, the love of her life, with whom she writes a novel. The script of a full-length movie should then follow.
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