Cyril Monnier and Ivy Moni
First Contact (work in progress)

Strange phenomena have been happening all over the world: the SETI (i.e. American program dedicated to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence) receives one artificial signal every 41 seconds; screens turn blue and disturb the global air traffic; unidentified flying objects are reported to have been seen across the whole world.

Jean Dejean, clumsy but lovable antihero, witnesses an airliner being followed by two flying saucers in the Paris area.
In 1984, Michael Jackson also witnesses an unidentified flying object as he goes to the mini concert for the PEPSI ad. Finally, Candice Jefferson, the famous exobiologist, catches a glimpse of a strange arrival in the sky, when on board her research ship in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Though the three heroes attempt to live a normal life afterwards, a precise plan will change their lives dramatically, gather them and prepare this unbelievable “first contact”...
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