Cyril Monnier and Ivy Moni
A not-so-ordinary life or the domino effect
(« Le Fil des Mots » editions)

Futures predictions indicate that we have reached the end of the last cycle of existence for our civilisations. The predicted dates for this cycle are 12 August 3114 BC (start) and 21 December 2012 at 11:30pm (end). Very violent and devastating earthquakes will occur on Earth just before this date.

14 November 2012: “Special news flash”: The President of the European Union, the Englishman Sir Jones Stephenson has just announced that all continental borders should be immediately closed and that no one is allowed to enter and go out from the European territory from now on. This exceptional measure extends also to the United States, Australia, the Maghreb countries, the Middle East, India, Japan, Argentina and Brazil.

Has the world gone mad? Do “Illuminatis” really exist? Are there beings made of light and guides around us? Can we talk to them? Should we not be more conscious of the consequences of our actions, in the light of ancient predictions in the Maya calendar, the Yi-Jing, or from Nostradamus and Myrddin (known as Merlin the Enchanter)? Didier, the greatest psychic of all times, can confirm this.

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