Cyril Monnier and Ivy Moni
Les Petits Sourires (Little smiles)
« Les petits sourires » is a not-for-profit organisation (as per the 1901 French law). Its aim is to provide aid to the most needy children, in particular those living in orphanages.

To understand how it all started, we have to go back to 2002, the year when Ivy and Nancy Butner met in Los Angeles. Nancy is the founder of the famous “International Toy Bank” (American humanitarian organisation based in California). Back then, Nancy has at her disposal a warehouse with thousands of toys and basic necessities (school supplies, blankets, food, milk powder, nappies, etc). These supplies are generously donated or are unsold merchandises from American companies. And those generous donations “from the heart” are directed to orphanages in the third world. Nancy’s aura and advice enable Ivy to deal with the management of such a project. She starts to go on a few humanitarian assignments. The true vocation comes to life in her heart, a bit like a flower, as soon as she is in contact with orphans. Most children live a truly miserable life. And Ivy will therefore get involved in many more humanitarian missions, always getting more interested in this humanitarian endeavour that brings a smile, a toy, a meal or a moment of happiness to a child. A small drop in the ocean of united love.

On her return to France, and building on what she has learned from Nancy, Ivy creates her own structure. She found its name while smiling... “Les Petits Sourires”. For now more than 10 years, the volunteers of the association have been travelling the world visiting orphanages the world over and have been bringing along packs of food aid and bare necessities as well as a toy for each child. Everything is bought locally so that the local economy can benefit from this – this avoids prohibitive transport and shipping costs for the association. This is the reason why the association does not accept donations in kind. It also does not solicit public financial support following the president’s conviction. Ivy provides her own funds to the association since its creation. There are however future projects to raise funds and expand the reach of the association.

“In the most disadvantaged places on earth, where toys are not to be found, nothing can replace the smile of a child, as he or she can eat one’s fill and dream peacefully while discovering a present” (Ivy Moni, President).

“The volunteers of the “Les Petits Sourires” association visit regularly orphanages in third world countries. During each visit the association brings a provision of bare necessities, as well as a toy for each child; and above all, lots lots of hugs and tenderness to these little tots who are in dire need of everything. I remind everyone that this association is financed by its president, Ivy...” (Cyril Monnier, Sponsor).
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